Welcome to My World


       My name is Haint Blue, and I’m the owner of Blue’s Lotus Lodge, the meditation retreat in Catfish Springs, a spec of a town in North Central Florida. Florida isn’t just Disney and Miami, you know.
Come visit!
Monkey Mind is my first novel, about my opening weekend in September 2014. The focus was “Finding Inner Peace” via meditation sessions, yoga, walks in the woods and delicious meals.  This “soft opening” should have been a breeze, but ended up more like the perfect storm!

      Anyway, I’ve always been a writer, and they say blogging is a great promotional tool. So, welcome to my world. I’ll post stuff about what’s going on at the retreat, odd news and facts of Florida, info on yoga and meditation, and some of the recipes I’ve mentioned in my book.

      I’m writing the sequel, Monkey Heart— hope to get it out there in fall 2018! Stay tuned!



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