Florida Invasive: Coral Ardisia

brazilian pepper plant small pupsSadly, you’ll think this is a lovely plant. Hardy and perfect deep green with red berries, perfect for Christmas decorating, right? Sorry! This is one of the most invasive plants in Florida… and it’s classified in with skin irritating plants like poison ivy and poison oak!

The hardy little pups spring up in communities like this with an impressive,  reverse- umbrella root system : Fortunately, they’re fairly easy to pull up when they are pups.  If you see one on your property, don’t cave to its luster! Yank it with gusto before it sets berries. Once it establishes on your property, you’ll lose many hours of your life eradicating it. 

“It has many names
Common names include coral ardisia, coral berry, Christmas berry, hen’s eyes, scratch throat, Australian holly, coral bush and spiceberry.”


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