Poison Ivy VS. Virginia Creeper : How to Identify

Look carefully at this photo. It’s a perfect example of how sneaky poison ivy can be; it likes to hide in other plants.  See my red arrows? The jaggedy-edged, three-leaf jobbie is the poison ivy. The five-leaf stuff is Virginia Creeper. Both have hairy vines, both can grow up trees. They will lose their leaves in winter, and come back with a vengeance at the first sign of spring. 

Never try to get rid of poison ivy by burning it! The oil particles get get into your lungs and your nose. If anyone has a non-chemical solution for getting rid of big areas of it, let me know. If I find one or two, I’ll dig it out with a shovel and toss it… but when it gets aggressive and dense… that’s something else.

  Yup! That’s poison ivy working its way up a tree!

The leaves can vary in size and jaggedy-ness, but they’re always in three-leaf clumps.

Don’t lean against a tree or hug it if you see hairy vines or three-leave clusters!



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