Favorite Movies

My favorites movies are the ones where you just cannot predict what’s going to happen next.


       Folks, I’m sorry, I hate the idea of Red Box. With so many movies, I don’t want to be directed toward 20 movies that are being pushed by big promoters as if to say, “pick one of these and be like everyone else.”

Sorry, if you like the Red Box world, no harm no foul, I’m sure it’s convenient. This is just my humble opinion.  

I tend toward quirky, thinky movies, not end-of-days, apocalyptic stuff and even Disney stuff can disappoint with over-the-top dazzle. I liked the old stuff: Fantasia: it’s a delight for the eyes not an assault.  ( I know, I didn’t think I’d sound this old at my age, but here I am!)  Foodies enjoy really good food and variety. Is there a word for a movie buff like that? 

My purpose in offering up this category is just for fun, and perhaps you’ll find a movie you weren’t familiar with and enjoy it. Hope so!

So, check out my suggestions, and see if we have the same taste! If I were a foodie, I’d say “Bon Appetit” — not sure what the equivalent is for movies. “Bon Aventure?” perhaps? Enjoy!