Urliss and Hollis’s Chicken In a Biskit “Redneck Corn and Broccoli Casserole”

Chicken In a Biskit is a Nabisco product, and thusly trademarked.

Not long ago, I went over to Hollis’s to borrow a post hole digger because mine was cheap to start with, the handles were wobbly and the grabbing cups grabbed nothing. When I arrived, he and Urliss were just tucking in to Sunday supper, and insisted that I get a plate and join them. Luckily, they weren’t dishing up one of their this-might-be-rescued-roadkill meals. Urliss offered me first choice from the Publix fried chicken carrier, and pushed a tub of potato salad toward me. Hollis passed the casserole dish, and said, “Have some redneck broccoli casserole.”
It was surprisingly tasty. I mentioned that I was adding recipes to my blog, and they said, “You can add our recipe, if y’unt to.” Urliss scribbled it out on a napkin. I rewrote it so you stand a chance of reading it:  
**Note: If you can’t find Nabisco Chicken In a Biskit crackers, you can substitute your favorite. Just be sure to pick something not-too-dry, if you know what I mean… something buttery to readily soak up the veggie juice. 

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