Cauliflower, Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup

butternut squash cartonSo you picked up a container of butternut squash soup, but that seems kind of boring… want to zip it up?



chili oil

garam masala* or Balti seasoning**

Break up cauliflower into small bits and chop carrots into bite size bits. Put in dish with olive oil on bottom, drizzle chili oil on top (how much depends on your heat tolerance.) Roast at 400 for 40 minutes or so. If you like smooth soup, use mixer or hand held gizmo to blend. If you like texture, don’t puree. 

Pour butternut squash into sauce pan on low heat. Add veggie blend.

Next, let’s add some kick. A simple curry will do, or, if you are a spice junky like I am, you can go with garam masala* or even Balti curry seasoning**.  Add 2 heaping teaspoons (or more) of either your choice of the above to taste.

Simmer for a couple of minutes to get the spices well blended into the soup. Enjoy!

The chili oil will add heat, the seasoning will add complexity… 

*garam masala — you can find this already made in stores that carry bulk spices. It is a combo of :

Black and white peppercorns.
Cinnamon or cassia bark.
Mace (part of nutmeg)
Black and green cardamom pods.
Bay leaf.


**Balti seasoning  — this may be a bit harder to find. Penzey’s carries it and most Indian food stores should have it. If you want to make your own, there’s a link below for the recipe.



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