Helpful info on Bassets — best of youtube

Bassets have a few traits that make them a little different from other dogs:

Smart but stubborn. They don’t score well for trainability. 

Skin issues! Ears must be cleaned regularly.

Diet issues! Often prone to stomach issues. Need a quality diet to keep healthy and avoid weight gain. 

Bassets are second only to the Bloodhound for sense of smell. If the dog finds an interesting smell, it is likely to not hear you– it’s on sensory overload and busy!

Due to its long body, it is prone to back issues. No stairs! 

Not great swimmers– not because they can’t swim, but they’re so heavy, keeping their heads well above water is not as easy for them. If you are planning an aquatic outing, get your dog a life-jacket.

Basset Hound Facts:
Animal Planet featurette on Bassets
A short training video… really! It’s possible!

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