Corned beef and Cabbage In a Slow Cooker

Wishing you a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Like corned beef and cabbage but never tried cooking it yourself? I thought this was some tricky thing — it’s easy-peasy if you have a slow cooker!

And if you don’t have one, why not? They’re so convenient and not expensive. You just put in the ingredients, push a button and walk away! You can keep stuff warming overnight– don’t even need to do cleanup! Finish the leftovers tomorrow. Done!

You will need:

a package of corned beef

a small cabbage

1-2 containers of vegetable stock

a few small potatoes

a few carrots

You’ll have to forive me, but I’m an intuitive cook. I can’t tell you how many carrots or potatoes, but you’ll want to have balance with the size of the meat so each serving will get a nice mix of meaty bits, potato, carrot and cabbage. Know what I mean? It’ll depend on your pot size and the meat size.

Corned beef comes in a sort of a baggie package with a seasoning packet. They come in various sizes, so pick a small one if you have a small crowd or a larger one if you are feeding more people. As long as it will fit in your cooker, you’re fine!

Chop up your veggies–the cabbage, carrots and potatoes into bite size chunks and put them in the cooker.

Open the corned beef package and slide out the meat, placing it over the veggies, FAT SIDE UP. Open the seasoning packet and sprinkle it in the cooker.

Add vegetable stock and/or water until it is touching the meat. Turn the cooker on to HIGH. Cook for about 8 hours* or until the meat will pull apart with a fork. Turn down to warm once it is cooked and tender.

*This will vary depending on the size of your cooker and the size of the meat. Veggies should be soft and meat should pull apart easily.

What is that seasoning flavor?

The basics in the corned beef flavor are:

  • Mustard Seeds
  • Peppercorns
  • Anise Seeds
  • Whole Cloves
  • Cardamom Pods
  • Bay Leaves
  • Ground Coriander
  • Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • Ground Ginger

So if for some reason you don’t like or are allergic to any of these, you can make your own spice and omit the one you don’t like. Or, if you really like a spice, you might add a little extra. Like it a little spicy? Add more pepper flakes or some hot sauce.

slaintѐ mhaith = good health! cheers!

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