TSUNDOKU – My New Favorite Word

The Japanese word for accumulating books even though it’s unlikely that you’ll actually read them.

While there has been a steady decline of readership and the few remaining book stores have to stock trendy gadgets, socks, stuffed animals, candles and who knows what all else to draw attention, there are still folks who love books. 
In her blog entitled Tsundoku: The Practice of Buying More Books Than You Can Read, Melissa Breyer quotes author – A. Edward Newton, author, publisher, and collector of 10,000 books:
“Even when reading is impossible, the presence of books acquired produces such an ecstasy that the buying of more books than one can read is nothing less than the soul reaching towards infinity.” 

One could suffer worse things than tsundoku. 

For Melissa’s blog : https://tinyurl.com/ydb7lwmy

Here’s another cool (and short) article on the subject: http://www.openculture.com/2018/07/tsundoku.html

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