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Hedonistic Hound Press is the name under which author J. Elliott publishes her work.

Many moons ago, she rescued a two-year old Basset hound named Edith. Edith had had EIGHT owners prior to meeting Elliott and at first, the relationship was a trial. Edith was a wild thing and Elliott knew nothing about Basset hounds. They are sweet and goofy but quite a different experience from say a Labrador, shepherd or Rottweiler.

Shortly before her passing

The first three weeks were bumpy as they got to know each other. “Edith” became Edy-Mae and very soon ruled Elliott’s world. Precocious, sneaky, demanding and stubborn, stubborn, stubborn, Edy-Mae was quite the character–prone to dashing off into the woods on a walkabout, getting into the cat litter box, swiping food off the counter or right off the plate, and piddling a rug when she felt she wasn’t getting the attention she deserved. She was the inspiration for Naughty Britches, Haint’s sidekick.

Elliott was bereft when Edy-Mae passed away. The vacuum she left behind was immense.

About a year later, Elliott got two puppies and they now rule her world with uber affection and less of Edy-Mae’s mischievousness.

Zloty Pies and Crafty B.

Haint’s Retreat is all about Haint’s world.

Haint’s Retreat is all about Haint’s world. She’s not so different from her creator, also a practicing Buddhist often overwhelmed by the day to day hassles and impediments of life. The major differences: Haint ages three months in the first three books; Elliott has aged almost seven years. Haint is more hesitant and unsure of new situations whereas Elliott bumbles along like a tumbleweed kicking herself, second guessing and having second thoughts after the fact.

Elliott also writes short uncanny stories modeled after the classic ghost story tradition of the Victorian/ Edwardian era. She’s amassing a long list of favorite authors and stories from that time, delving into volumes by M. R. James, Algernon Blackwood, Agatha Christie (yes, she wrote ghost stories, too!), Ambrose Bierce, L. T. C. Rolt (a new favorite!), Charlotte Riddell, Amelia Edwards, Edith Nesbit, Edith Wharton and more.

Ghost Lite, Tales from Kensington, Uncanny Stout

“You won’t forget the people portrayed in the Haint Blue books – many of whom you have probably already met in your life, although with different names. Love how she also includes the “inner monologue” from her main character, whose inner musings will also strike chords with the readers. How many similar thoughts have you had and kept to yourself. If you’re looking for a book to keep you laughing as well as thinking about spiritual matters, this is a fun and captivating read! Can’t Wait For The Next Haint (adventure)!”

–Amazon Reviewer

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