About Basset hounds

I’m a dog lover but a Basset in particular instantly melts my heart. 

This is not a breed for everyone. Some folks think they smell doggy.  My sense of smell just isn’t that strong, doesn’t bother me and regular bathing with a good doggie shampoo works for me. 

Bassets are stubborn. You can’t really train a Basset, although there are some great videos on youtube of Bassets running the obstacle courses. No, it’s more like you learn to co-exist on their terms. 

And don’t for one second think that because a Basset has short legs, it can’t get on furniture or get its snoot up over the table to swipe your sandwich! They may look goofy, but they’re clever and smart and can take their time to plan how to get what they want!

Great with kids, super loving and forgiving, but they are a serious pack animal… this means they want to be with you. You can’t leave a Basset home alone all day and expect it to behave… it’s not like they can read a book or knit while you’re gone. They need stimulation and company. 

When I rescued Naughty Britches, she had been through 8 owners before me… one who thought it was keen to put her on a porch alone all day… well, she ATE all the wicker furniture… she needed something to do, didn’t she? 

You’ve got to have patience and love… but they give back so much! They are inherently funny dogs and they know it.