Fun with Chocolate and It’s Sort of Healthy Too!

My favorite new thing:

Sorry the glare hides the Boar’s Head logo, but I bet other companies have it now too.
It’s pretty fine over a sweet potato… this was my dash-out-the-door lunch yesterday.

I like hummus anyway, but THIS is the bomb, chocolate lovers! And dark chocolate has antioxidants, they say, right? I LOVE sweet potatoes, and this is a pretty nifty combo! The hummus is a bit pricey, so that limits the options somewhat, like I’m sure it’d be great swirled into a sweet potato pie and I might experiment with that.

Ooh… I tried a bacon, chocolate hummus and peanut butter sandwich today… was in a rush, didn’t get a photo, but that was mighty tasty too… kind of an Elvis sandwich — I just needed the ‘naner’s. {Elvis was fond of peanut butter and banana}.

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