MIDNIGHT LACE (1960) Doris Day, Rex Harrison, Myrna Loy, Roddy McDowell


I’m going to kill you, Mrs. Preston,”  promises an unnatural high-pitched voice that ought to set the goosebumps scampering over your skin.

   An American woman (Doris Day), wed three scant months to an Englishman (Rex Harrison), lives in London and is terrorized by a stalker threatening to kill her. The threats always seem to come when she is alone and has no one to corroborate her experiences which occur with increasing frequency.

   This film may seem tepid amidst today’s offerings of graphic violence and terror, but for Doris Day fans, old movie fans and folks who just don’t want graphic frights, this movie holds up. The story takes off in the first moments; suspects abound, the tension never slacks.

   Doris Day refused to act in any other such film and opted for comedies for the rest of her career. No small wonder as her character, Mrs. Preston is under stress from the first moments of the film. In one climatic scene, her method acting turned to real hysteria and she collapsed.

   Costume designer Irene Lentz was nominated for an Oscar for her outfits in Midnight Lace. She and Doris Day were friends, and Day trusted her for her costumes as well as her own wardrobe. If you enjoy Hollywood fashion, this film is a goodie just for that.

   As a huge Myrna Loy fan, it is a treat that she is Mrs. Preston’s kind aunt. Roddy McDowell has only a few scenes but they are noteworthy and memorable. I’m not much of a Rex Harrison fan and this role did not make appear to push his acting abilities, but no grumbles about his work here.


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I give it Five


Séance on a Wet Afternoon (1964)

This is not a supernatural film as you might expect; it’s a psychological thriller about a devoted husband, Billy Savage married to an unstable wife, Myra. She believes she can channel the spirit of her dead child. To validate her claims to be a powerful medium, She coerces her husband to kidnap a child. She will then help the family and the police to recover the child and thus validate her claim as powerful medium. Outstanding performances by Kim Stanley and Richard Attenborough and a satisfying conclusion make this well worth watching. And for film buffs, a great study in music, atmosphere and camera work.

This is an old-school style gem that without relying on any gimmicks, computer graphics or special effects, is very effective.

More info on Internet Movie Database: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058557/?ref_=ttmi_tt