“Walking” A Basset hound

Sometimes it’s like about as fun as hitching up a file cabinet…

Walking a Basset isn’t like walking other dogs. You can’t assume that a “walk” will take a certain amount of time, because a walk has many phases beginning with motivation. Once the dog has agreed to go outside, the process beings. There will be at least one cycle of the following in no particular order:

What’s my motivation here?

1) sniffing

I’m on a mission. I’m a stick wrangler.

2)wandering in just about any direction that is not forward-moving

3) sprinting

4) resting

All this walking business just wears me out..
A Dude needs his rest…

5) rolling

6) flat Basset: “I’m done! You ask too much! Cannot go another step! Legs paralyzed!”

Flat Basset… can’t possibly walk another step

7) play

Throw it again!

8) dropping anchor –staying upright but driving invisible pylons deep into the ground below the front paws while shifting most of the weight to the back. If done adeptly, may pop out of collar or harness.

We hear sounds but we can’t understand what you are saying…

They are insanely cute, funny, sweet, and smart. But walking a Basset is an exercise in patience. This is not the dog for everyone. But if you have patience, it’s worth it.

I can’t help it if I’m beautiful and spoiled rotten…
We like helping to make the bed. It’s fun!

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