Monkey Heart: Iggy’s Top Sobber Hits

In my second book, Monkey Heart, my brother Iggy has a bit of a breakdown. His old girlfriend, Running Deer sweeps back into town and asks if he’d take her back. This was after she turned down his marriage proposal and took off to find herself out west.

Oh, and she’s pregnant, but he’s not the father.

It’s a hot mess.

I find him sitting on the floor, in the dark, listening to every sad song I’ve ever heard.


A good friend suggested that I could put together a playlist.

Now, I think she was thinking about meditations–and I will, it’s a great idea! I’ve got lots of meditation music as well as guided meditations.

But Iggy’s Top Sobber Hits came to mind. (‘Cause I’m keen on 70s and 80s mush, too.)

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