What’s Up?

I took a break after Haint Blue Christmas.

Have been focusing on Jiko Bukken, a ghost story novel set in Japan in the winter of 1992-3. Episodes are dropping every week on Kindle Vella:

But I’ve been thinking about Haint and Catfish Springs and where to go next.

I’ve GOT IT!

But lets’ do a quick review of what we’ve got so far:

Monkey Mind was modelled after a cozy mystery. Haint opened a meditation retreat in September 2014, thinking it would be all peace, love, and yoga, but instead, murder. Woopsie.

Monkey Heart picks up just after Monkey Mind. It’s now Halloween. Guests go missing. Murder again? How about French farce. Possibly funnier and definitely zanier than Monkey Mind.

By this time, we were in the throes of a pandemic. I felt we needed humor more than anything. HBC is just a Christmas candy–funny mayhem with a bit of mystery. Buster is incommunicado. Why? Where is he? And who keeps leaving mysterious presents for Haint?

So what’s next?

A locked-room mystery!

Meet Scruffy Nobthatcher.

He’s made a name for himself in the cryptozoology world, but not a good one. A master con artist who has been just lucky enough not to be exposed yet, he propounds wild claims and fakes evidence to the delight of his cult following. He’s a social media phenomenon. But those who know him, hate his guts.

He’s a headliner at a the Annual Cryptic Convention in Hog Wallow, Idaho.

Many of the other headliners would love to see him get taken out by a cryptid, and it seems their wishes come true. He’s found slashed in his booth.

Haint’s love interest, Buster is the prime suspect.

But how could it have happened? With only one door and people everywhere, how come no one saw his attack?

I’m reading up on the genre, and plotting!

Here’s the VIP room!

While Buster is stuck in jail, his assistant Selene will pass information along to Haint who happens to be hosting a group of mystery writers. These senior armchair detectives eagerly assist in the investigation.

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